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Meet me at LAX

Meet me at LAX

This story is a dangerous trifecta of boring things: waiting in line, parking a car, and a missing third item needed to complete a trifecta. Context We’re fairly new to Los Angeles, so we do everything wrong.  I might send an email that doesn’t contain an exclamation point (!), or ask how to say ayurvedic, or eat meat … Continue reading


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The Oscars

I don’t usually watch the Oscars because we don’t have TV.  I like to tell people that so it seems like I’m academic. Maybe you’ll picture me sitting next to a fireplace reading books and Economist articles, listening to TED talks and NPR radio.  But, obviously.  Obviously.   I have Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, and iTunes.  So, … Continue reading

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Stranger Danger

THE MEET It was Spring in Chicago. Well, that’s one way to put it. Another way, is to say that it was sometime between St Paddy’s and the Cubs opener, somewhere between Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park. This is the magical space where late 20-somethings transform into beer-hungry teenagers. I – with my sister and a … Continue reading